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I am a 20-something year old student from the Midwest, and I go to college.

Blog/Update Log/Music Recs

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I've begun adding new members to the NewWeb webring, and I have music for you! I've also begun playing a little bit of Animal Crossing for the Gamecube again.


SO! It's once again been a long time since I updated this site. What's the reason this time?

Well... honestly, aside from finishing my degree (Associates!), I had just no motivation to work on it at all. Since I've got some time, I've decided to change that!

Over the next few days, I'm gonna try to catch up on the requests for submissions to the NewWeb webring! I'm also gonna try adding a few new things to my site. For example, I've added an all new embed for my Geocities-focused Tumblr blog, geocitiesdig!

See you later for more information and music recs!


Well, I've been gone from this site for too long. What's up, you ask?

For one, I've been devoting most of my energy into school, so I haven't really been feeling up to adding stuff to my pages. Additionally, I'm relatively happy with the current state of this website.

And yes, to those of you in my guestbook, I am indeed getting to you. NewWeb will be alive again!

I unfortunately do not have daily music for you at the moment, but I will soon. For now, all previous blog posts from July & August, as well as before, can be found here, featuring a plethora of music recommendations.

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