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I am a 21 year old student from the Midwest, and I go to college.

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My college semester begins in two days. I've been listening to a lot of lo-fi hip hop lately, here's some highlights:


Been another while since the last update to the site! I promise I'm fine, just been a little low on motivation lately.

I've got school coming up too, so we'll see how that affects my activity here...


Today was a really hot day outside, so I'm grateful I had today off.

Also, I have put an embed to a new composition I made on my Music page! Check it out!

Yesterday, my power was going on and off, and I have a journal entry from that day below:



Every time I see something silly that someone like Kim Kardashian tweeted in ~2010, I think about the time when Twitter was less of a platform for famous people and more of a microblogging site. Anyways, here's some King Gizzard.


Hello! I have a new email for this page, as many of you may have seen! Check it out here!



Today, I have officially joined a fanlisting! It's Come on Over!, an Animal Crossing listing primarily focused on the Gamecube game (also known as Population Growing). I also have two others that I have applied to so far, and I will let you all know when those are completed.

Today's daily music is brought to you by "songs that I heard on Pandora while mowing the lawn"!


Happy 4th of July!

Today, I decided to reorganize the blog. I have put all previous entries into a separate page to reduce loading times on my home page, and also so the blog doesn't get too cluttered.

7/4/2019 Daily Music

warning: language

Credit to A.N. Lucas, cyber.dabamos, datekodesigns on deviantart, combatbaby, jackomix, and nqc on tumblr for the buttons/blinkies.

Credit to n-sane for the background of the music and games buttons.

Credit to Microsoft for the Windows 8 logo.

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