May/June 2019


I have returned from vacation with a new batch of tunes!

6/29/2019 Daily Music


Hey, all! Quick update, I won't be able to do any updates to my site for about a week. See you all soon!


Had my birthday on the 10th, and now I have the choice to drink! But I won't. Woohoo.

Got myself a few games that I've had my eye on for a little while, including Baba Is You and Celeste.

To make up for my absence over the past few days, here's a whole bunch of music, including selections from Flume and the Detective Pikachu soundtrack.

6/12/2019 Daily Music


6/5/2019 Daily Music


Well, I'm sick again. At least this gives me time to listen to music.

New content in the Gaming section!

6/2/2019 Daily Music


Welp, air conditioning on my car needs fixing. I have the money, though I just won't be able to drive the car until the parts get here.

5/31/2019 Daily Music


Got some more of my life put together for now, that's all.

More new members of NewWeb!

5/29/2019 Daily Music


5/27/2019 Daily Music


Made a few little changes to the site today. Notably, the top bar of buttons now has links to my Neocities profile and my OpenGeofiction profile.

OpenGeofiction is basically a collaborative project where a bunch of users create a fictional world full of their own fictional countries. It's a really cool concept, and making roads is my specialty, so this project speaks to me. My country is the country of Brieland, feel free to check it out!

Oh, and Twitter too.

5/26/2019 Daily Music


Was in a local Memorial Day parade today, and went to a local cemetary to place small flags near veterans' graves.

I also went to the mall today and bought a $50 pair of pants. I've always found the price of pants to be sorta disproportionate compared to the price of shirts.

On the website side of things, I added two new members to the NewWeb webring! Check it out!

5/25/2019 Daily Music


Depreciated the Spotify.html page by putting the playlist embed on the music.html page itself. Now for some music!

I've listening to Skrillex and other dubstep artists lately, hence the exclusion of Skrillex below.

5/24/2019 Daily Music


Well, that took a while. Today, there was some sort of partial crash of the whole Neocities site, which resulted in all profile pictures and site previews to be unviewable. Additionally, all sites were uneditable during this time. As far as I know, this blackout lasted from around 8 AM this morning to about 12 AM midnight.

Aside from all that, today was a mildly productive day. I printed up a copy of a general employment form for my summer job.

I also had a very nice workout session, fueled by the sound of Justice's 2018 compilation album, Woman Worldwide. The album features reworks and mashups of various songs from the group's discography. The whole album is full of non-stop electronic energy, which is why working out to it worked so well. The album is featured below.

5/22/2019 Daily Music


Hello! This is a spot on my page where I will occasionally write things that come to my mind.

There will also be a set of songs or albums that I will post on here with each blog.

5/21/2019 Daily Music